Advanced Open Water

Advance Your Skills and Knowledge!

Advanced Open Water is a great beginning to underwater fun. The course is conducted entirely in open water, and you will have the opportunity to complete five dives in various specialty areas such as underwater navigation, deep diving, night diving, search & recovery, underwater naturalist, or even underwater photography or videography!

You get to sample different types of diving activities while having fun with new dive buddies. With the PADI system you have several avenues for earning your advanced certification. The program is easy!

What you will Need for Class*

Mask, fins, snorkel, & boots

Wet suit appropriate for conditions

Buoyancy Control Device

Regulator with depth/pressure combo

4 air tanks


Slate & pencil


RDP or computer

Adventures in Diving Book

*a few additional items may be needed depending on the dive. SportsCo will supply gear with the exception of personal snorkeling equipment, logbook, and RDP.

The Program Is Easy!

Advanced Open Water requires navigation, deep, and three other specialty dives. You can upgrade your Adventure Diver with 2 more specialty dives as long as navigation and deep are included.

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Closed Sunday.